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The Freckled Strawberry™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering financial
independence in women.

Are you an entrepreneur? Our proven Methodology™ will provide instant lift in your business and shift your beliefs about personal wealth. Be a Bastion.

Are you a corporate professional? Boldly move toward promotion and generate wealth along the way. Trailblaze.

Are you a Stay-At-Home Mom on a Mission? Dedicate your life to personal growth and build your family’s wealth. Be a Champion.

The women, advice, and connection represented with The Freckled Strawberry™ is offered without charge by professional women, lady entrepreneurs, and career divas. Our ask is that you pay it forward to other women, when you can. Our organization is funded through public and private donations. We invite you to engage our community and encourage you to embark on your personal and professional journey.


A connector site for the smart, the bold, and the fearless....

Fiercely independent women entrepreneurs blazing new trails

Lady bastions for career advancement, leaders and high performers

Women doers, inventors, connectors, and facilitators

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"Carly is determined to change the metric for women by empowering them through education, encouragement, and advice. She truly believes in our ability to succeed"

“Carly inspires the best in others through her authentic and charismatic nature."

“Carly inspires the best in others through her authentic and charismatic nature."


People describe me as fiercely independent, courageous and an exceptional people reader.


I’ve been an anomaly my entire life. Smart, sassy, creative and bad-assy.


I love having red hair and freckles because it is my super power.

A few facts about me

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Lead your business into positive performance. A business budget is a financial plan based on a company’s revenue and expenses, over a specific period of time. Budgets help businesses estimate spending, identify available capital and predict revenue.  

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Do you know your value? Pricing can have significant impact on profitability. Build your metrics based on fundamental disciplines, market data driven information, and level-up.

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Do you have a clear business plan for 2023? Bring your Personal Manifest to life through a strategic business plan. Take a deeper dive and build your business plan with The Freckled Strawberry™. 

Tract 1:
Build your Business Plan

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3-hour workshop; 7 key components to a carefully crafted plan

Tract 2: Pricing Metrics & Profitability to Level-Up

3-hour workshop; the framework to build or revamp your pricing metrics

Tract 3: Build Business Cashflows

3-hour workshop; in-depth analysis of business cashflows

Not ready for your journey to end?

Tract 1: Build your Business Plan

Tract 2:
Pricing Metrics & Profitability to Level-Up

Tract 3:
Build Business Cashflows

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Remember how Alex's Lemonade Stand started? A little girl, with a mission to cure childhood cancer. 

Freckle Face Strawberry Girls

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We have no doubt you will be wildly successful. But, how is your relationship with money?

Freckled Financials

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At the Freckled Strawberry, we are determined to plant 200 seeds of opportunity to lady go-getters.

Leadership & 200 Seeds