We are your closest confidant, and your “keeper of secrets”.


Making important decisions about your professional future is critical. We are on your team and work on your behalf. We succeed, when you succeed. Believe me, we LOVE to win!

We are the silent partner for trail-blazers, lady bastions, and high-performers. 

We help professional women with strategic planning, using our proven methodology. Through us, you have warm introductions and access to intentional relationships that will advance your position. With our help, you will receive advice on professional services, technology, lending, tax planning, investors, Mergers & Acquisitions, career planning, education, team building and so much more. We know A LOT of people.

Everyone needs a trusted advisor. A smart, and professional individual with whom you can confide….

2021 & beyond


The Freckled Strawberry was born. 


I was transformed. The story? It would take a fireside chat to talk about the magic. The pivot? The end of an abusive relationship, a launch of an advanced career with new credentials, a heightened understanding of commitment and perseverance as a mom, and a calling. I am standing alone in this picture for a reason. Be your own Heroine. 


This handsome kiddo was born. Patrick is the light in my life, and now my best friend. I was a single Mom for many, many years. Having a career, earning a living and taking care of my son was hard. But, I believe those struggles pay dividends in experience.  


Our Journey So Far


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Growing up in a small agricultural farm town in the Midwest provided rich American tradition, values steeped in our amendment rights and free enterprise for all Americans willing to work hard. Love of country and those who serve are held in high regard and reverence. In fact, six of our extended family members served in the US Military; my grandfather William Coleman receiving a Purple Heart Medal.

Ambition and pulling up one’s bootstraps inspired early participation in our family business. At 5 years old, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work with my Dad. Raised to be independent, it was clear that I would direct my concentration to finance and pursue my dreams. After a life-long love affair with New York City, at 22 years old, I relocated to the Northeast. NYC!

To this day, I remain Dad’s confidant. His Consigliere. His silent partner. Entrepreneurism, capitalism and lessons of self-reliance remain commonplace in our household. These values, instilled at a young age, have shaped the individual I am today.

Throughout my tenured career in financial services, I continue to support business enterprise; be it business loans, venture capital, investment management, financial planning or angel investing, I have a passion for free enterprise.

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"Carly is determined to change the metric for women by empowering them through education, encouragement, and advice. She truly believes in our ability to succeed"

“Carly inspires the best in others through her authentic and charismatic nature."

“Carly inspires the best in others through her authentic and charismatic nature."